Thursday, July 27, 2006

Little EarthQuakes

Definitely one of my all time fave albums, and really needed to listen to it tonight. Will be listening to it repeatedly as I blow dry my daughters papeir mache dog and get it dry enough to paint and complete before she gets up and present's it to her 'summer school' teachers on her last day tomorow!


I want to scream at the top of my lungs. . .


I think it may actually be a positive spirit inside of me that's had enough, and knows I need to get seriously seriously fucking mad in order to make a change, and FUCKING FUCK change is what I need!!!

I am lazy, getting fatter, losing all fitness, all energy, all life.
I am alone in responsibilities, and sick of false relationships in which I remain alone but trapped (I not talking boyfriends, just a few relationships I have with people) If I am alone, I may as well be alone and FREE. Even with the kids, why the fuck should I be tied down to other people manipulating my guilt?

It needs a big change to break free from some ties that are crushing me.

Maybe that's why I need this part of myself to just KICK OFF and break free.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Aussie Pink Floyd

Actually went OUTSIDE last night! Went to see The Australian Pink Floyd at the Summer Pops Big Top, it was a really great gig! I'll never get to see the real Pink Floyd, so this was the closest I'm likely to get! I've only actually heard about 5 PinkFloyd albums, and this gig was a 'best of', so there were some songs I'd never heard before, but still enjoyed the whole thing. My favourite had to be the piece off Darkside of the Moon (one of the albums I know quite well), apparently called The Great Gig in the Sky (I never really took note of individual tracks names , with PF the whole album tends to blend into one!). The woman singing the vocals for that track was absolutely spot on, amazing! No actual words, just using the voice as a kind of instrument, I'd say she did it better than it was on the actual album!

One great thing about live gigs, is its LOUDER than any music I can play at home, SO loud that the drum beats vibrate your whole body, man what a great feeling!

I was thinking towards the end that one of the things I love about PinkFloyd is that it has a continuous sound running all the way through, and the songs appear to be built up and picked out from that sound. Made me think of how eastern religions refer to 'The sound of the Universe', PF take that, and warp and pull bits out of it to make music. . . Cool!

Shame they didn't play a complete album, but you can't have everything!
The time seemed to fly by, I enjoyed it so much! :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Finally managed to get ok light conditions to get a half decent profile type pic for myself with my little camera.
What you reckon? Would I get any interest as a mail order bride? I need a £30 000 down payment with an upkeep of £30 000 per year, and I come with 3 kids, a cat and a hamster! Naturally I require suitable housing, with at least 5 bedrooms and a nice garden (+gardener of my picking). It will be a loveless, sexless marriage (although I may grow fond of you- and I'm not saying I will not have sex, just not inside the marriage!), hehehe!

Thursday, July 13, 2006


This past week I have indulged in a lot more social interaction than I usually do, had my sister and her family staying for a few days, and then when she left my best friend came to visit with her baby, and we had a bit of a get together with some other friends. Nice but strange, I'm getting so used to spending all my time alone with the kids!
Spike was really ill for a while, he'd lost weight and was put on a special prescription diet and antibiotics, a day after starting the antibiotics he really perked up and is now a proper mad kitten again :) I take him back to the vets tomorow, but I can SEE he's made a full recovery!
My eldest daughter was 11 on Monday. She now has her first mobile phone (I've resisted her pleas for so long!). I felt so incredibly old signing a text message 'Mum x'
Tomorow is Bastille day. For some reason my kids school are making a huge deal of it, they're dressing up as famous french people (Nicole is going as Marie Antoinette and Callum is going as the man in the Iron Mask) Spent time today customising a summer skirt into a sticky outy skirt using bubble wrap and selotape-wish I'd known that you can now buy big dresses in woolworths like the one's worn in Pirates of the Carrabean! Still, ours is home-made, so will be unique, and the piece de resistance is the cotton wool wig I plan to sculpt onto her head in the morning! haha!
So, nothing exciting, deep or meaningful today, just a quick run-down of my terribly exciting life over the past week!