Saturday, December 23, 2006

Clones Christmas Special

I got a part in a YouTube sitcom! See my terrible acting for yourselves ;) It's part of a series made by a youtuber called Smithysrat. If you watch til the end you'll see us all making fools of ourselves dancing to The Wombles ;)

Sorry I've not been around much, some major things going on, I'll let you know my new years resolution soon. (it's an important and long overdue one!)
I have a new camera, but I'm having a few problems getting the files from the camera into the right format. So if anyone knows a simple way to convert Mpeg/mpg to Avi, please do let me know!
And of course it's been the run up to Christmas-always mad busy!
I do have a 'things my daughter said today that made me laugh' post planned, and I will do that soon. :)