Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Deanos Rockumentary!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The OC youtube drama!

since starting on Youtube, I have had the good fun of participating in a dramatic series of events, involving love, denial, tarot cards, google fights, cat fights, international battles, unrequited love and revenge. Yeh, it's been fun! And someone has made a re-cap of the whole saga and put it in a video. I'm in it! Whoohoo! LOL!

Previously on The O.C. (Oh Caitlin!)

Who needs TV when we can make our own eh?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hayseed Dixie, Manchester and Deano!

Thanks to some people getting the photos they took on the night I can now nick some for my blog! (typical scouser lol!)
Well, I had a great time! I was getting the train alone to Manchester and one of the Outhousers, Kipling, offered to meet me at the station and make sure I got to the gig OK, where I would be meeting up with some of the people I met at Ullapool. He was true to his word and met me along with his two mates, known to me now as Petal and Dodgy Bob, and we went to a pub for a couple of drinks before getting a taxi to the gig. They were all great company, although I got a little worried when Petal tried to set me on fire LOL! I even got invited to Dodgy Bob's Stag weekend! I told him that as I wasn't a stripper or a prostitute I had no business being on a stag night (as far as I know he didn't know about my reputation as a pole dancer ;) ).
We got to the gig just as Darkwater were playing their last song. Darkwater were the support band, I'd seen them at the Liverpool gig the week before and was very impressed, so after this gig I bought their EP, which they all signed for me, so I have a great souvenir of a great band that I think will go far :) You can find what they're about on their Myspace page DarkWater
Deano with the singer from Darkwater

I met a few new Outhousers as well as the people I'd already befriended, it was a bit strange people calling me Samsara in real life! When it was time for HayseedDixie to come on stage I went up front with Geordie and YorkshireBelle(Sharon)- see there I go using internet nicknames too! lol! Jill had handed YB some party poppers to set off when the guys mentioned the merchandise and Rachels birthday, but with only three of us setting them off I don't know if they got noticed! Fun was had with the ones that were left later anyway!
The gig was just fantastic, I danced my way all the way through and couldn't stop grinning and singing along. When they finished I found Jill and family at the back-still selling T-shirts and CDs and things. As I was staying with Jills daughter Lorna that night I had to make sure I didn't get seperated, they had backstage passes and I didn't, but luckily I was with the right people and didn't get thrown out!
It was decided afterwards to go to RockCity for a drink, in celebration of Rachels birthday (Rachel is DonWaynes girlfriend by the way) DonWayne, Deano and Rachelso we split into 2 taxis and made our way there. Then it was party time with Deano the 2-headed dinosaur! There are several different rooms in Rockworld, but we found one where the music was forcing us to stay as each new song was a classic that we all loved! So Lorna didn't get to give us the full tour in the end-maybe I'll try and get back there another time and spend the whole night there, it stays open til 6am I think!
After a while the whole band turned up to join us (minus Dale), I chatted with all of them at some point I think, and met Johns friend Rodney, who seemed lovely-I told him to visit Camden as he asked for advice on where to go in London, I did suggest he went with someone who knows the area though!
Deano was basically the star of the night. He's a close friend of Jonthehat in case anyone didn't know, and he's a lot of fun to headbang with!

Anyway, I've gone on ages here, it was just a fantastic night, I slept on Lornas floor-she was a great hostess, even though I criticised her having Lambrini in the room, having McFly on her wall, and Barney the evil purple dinosaur in her bed-she didn't throw me out, and she even provided me with an airbed and sleeping bag :)
What a night! Whoohoo!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


This is Sadie Dammits video, I really want it to be featured because it moves me so much, I think EVERYONE should see it!
Please go to her video, rate it, comment on it, tell her what you think!

Friday, November 17, 2006

A Day in My Life

Made this video yesterday, see what exciting things I get up to in a day! lol!

A Day In My Life

I'm going to see Hayseed Dixie again tonight! In Manchester, I'll be crashing on a floor in the student halls, courtesy of Jill's daughter Lorna (Jill is a moderator on the Hayseed-Dixie forum, I met her and her husband at Loopallu, I've not met Lorna yet though!)

Also, the best most moving/haunting/something video on Youtube was uploaded by a woman called Sadiedammit yesterday. I subscribe to her videos, but never has her videos or anyone elses taken my breath away quite like this one! Please go look, rate, comment!


The Mystic Traveller, I hope you read this because I bet you'll LOVE that video! Seriously, believe me. It's a MUST see!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

More music, more reflections

I am still deep in the midst of a Youtube addiction, and loving it! I now have 11 videos and am desperately wishing I had better equipment to record on!Samsarajades Youtube Subscribe to me! I need the attention! lol! My Myspace page is coming to life a little as well as I meet people on Youtube who also go on Myspace, and so check out their pages. It was through looking at a really cool guys Myspace page that I heard the song 'Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole' by Martha Wainwright. It is now my favourite song and I just have to get her album! Go to my Myspace page and listen to it, it's fantastic!SamsarajadeMyspace while you are there you might like to check out Johnnysmooth(the artist and really funny guy who's page had the song on) and another lovely guy I found on Youtube who is also on Myspace, a singer and songwriter called Lensei I especially like his song 'counting Clouds'. They are both on my friends list.
So I have been discovering all these talented people, and been reflecting on my past yet again as well. I was trying to get all my old photos together in a quest to sort this house out (I'm going to attempt laying a wooden floor next week!), and I found some photos taken of me when I was about 19 years old. At the time a friend of my mums was into amature photography, and I did some modelling for him. It was also when I was pregnant with Nicole, and the pictures catalogues my pregnancy-which is a great record! I also have some of me, my then husband Higgy and Nicole as a baby. I am nude on most of the photos, and it was a little depressing looking at my body then in comparison to my body now! I am definitely aging and unfit! I don't have a scanner or anything, so I can't really transfer the photos to computer, but I took photos of 2 of them to see how they would come out. Very grainy, the originals are black and white and my camera is very crap (the better camera Johnny gave me needs its batteries recharging I think-so I used my little webcam)
(I have removed these photographs. I have realised that in sharing intimate moments/pictures/ etc with as many people as I can reach closes the doors to be truly intimate with just one person. I'm missing out by trying to reach the world, when really I want to create a private exclusive world with one man.)