Monday, April 09, 2007

Apologies to my fellow bloggers

On returning to post that last video, that is a nice tribute to the new friends I have found on a forum, I felt the tinge of guilt that has been brewing up inside for a while. That is for the neglect that I have shown to my blogging community! I have got so caught up in watching and making videos, that the few posts I have popped back here are mainly links to that other side of my on-line life. I suppose it's the old excuse of well, what's the point in telling people whats going on with me several times over, if I can just show them! BUT in getting so caught up in the video community, it has been a while since I checked on other peoples blogs as well! If there is a way to 'subscribe' to blogs where you get an email when your fave bloggers make a post, that would be wonderful. If such a thing is possible will someone tell me how you do that?
Also, I know not everyone can watch videos easily, if they are on dial-up etc. So although I don't pretend to have people who will miss my posts here, this is really a place for me to just talk when I felt like talking, I still want anyone who bothers to read to know that I appreciate their interest whether they watch my videos or not!
That said, I think I think I'll post my latest lip-sync videos in my next topic! 3 posts in one day, crikey!


Blogger Bill P. Godfrey said...

You need an Atom/RSS reader. Most blogs (including yours) have a file that can be downloaded which indexes the most recent posts. A reader will download these files and look for anything new.

I personally use Sage which integrates into Firefox. There are also web-based readers such as Google-Reader.

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