Sunday, March 26, 2006



In Love, uncertainty
what to do but let the feelings rush and ramble seize the soul in love and pain and feel the moments writhe and struggle getting through the day

Ever present, tight
I must cope with strength and courage arrogance and confidence in all I thought I knew Needs Faith Stubborn Faith to carry me on through

moments crawl company or space Alcohol or cool clear mind Both twisted in my hate I cannot break


But I can always Make-Believe

Friday, March 24, 2006


found it, had put it with a load of my art/drawing stuff. I should be more organised, quite scary how not knowing how to put my hands on my words got me so flustered!

Coping With Impotence

I flung the words
At the wall of ice,
Hoping they would penetrate
And reach the shadows
That creep about beyond.
But the letters fell,
Like blunt darts to the floor
They scattered,
All pulled and picked to death.
I gave up trying to pierce,
I made a carving in the solid cold instead.
Damn! I've lost my poems! I have a book with many final drafts of poems I've written over the years, and I can't find them. Makes me feel a tad insecure!
I took them all for granted, they live in my memory, but I want the solid security of their written form. If I re-invent them, will I have to re-invent myself?
Where have I left it? Does someone else have it? Why would they want it?

I need a proper tidy up.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ok, another space to make random rambling.
So be it.
Just not in the mood right now, only joined up so I could stick my nose in on someone elses blog.