Thursday, August 31, 2006

Blog Day 2006!

Well, I've been preparing for this for a few weeks now, it's been very interesting as I'm not an avid blog reader, but this has made me have a proper look round at some of the many bloggers out there! I have finally decided on 5 blogs that I think are well worth a look at!

Firstly there's Johnnies blog, Fear of an Average Mind. It was here that I found out about Blog Day, and here I find out about lots of other stuff! It's a mix bag of great writing, computer and web advice and lots of little clips/pics/experiments and thoughts. You never quite know what you'll get! Johnnie does a 'niceblog' too, but this is the one I normally read.

fear of an average mind

Next I'd like to take you back in time, space and reality to enter the House of Electrofried and peruse the Electrofried chronicles, a newly created Blog by Mr Electrofried. This mans style is impecable! I don't think you'll find many blogs like this one!
The Electrofried chronicles

Shashinka's a seasoned blogger it seems! I found her blog doing random searches for 'circus'. She doesn't live in a circus(unless you count London as one!), but she does have plenty of little snippets of life and art. Oh and she's Jewish, and does a lot of writing too :).


The Mystic Traveller is a really interesting and beautiful Blog, lots of stunning photography and written accounts of travels around the world! :)

The Mystic Traveller

And last but not least, a blog I've only just stumbled accross myself (searching for 'cheesecake' one of my favourite things in the whole wide world!) This blog has lots of reviews, comments, web-based suggestions, photos, information and my usual favourite-random thoughts! Suzannes an art student from Australia.

Better than cheesecake

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Monday, August 21, 2006


has a strange effect on me, like alcohol, or any drug, it takes me into a world I have only limited control of. My moods go wherever it's notes decide to take me, they spring a fair few booby traps. Memories, conversations, melodies in my head.
Is it dangerous to listen to music?