Sunday, February 07, 2010

Poem from A Place in My Past

I want to make decisions from my heart
Interact as purely myself
Not anticipation of how others want me to be.
I crave to be free.

Who am I now, caged in your need?
Afraid of winning or losing.
Letting time swim around me as I wait,
Trying not to hate.

I found a side of you I want to love,
Cherish and Heal.
But now I fear I'm stuck in a transfusion,
If I pull away, you fight for your life
You pull me right back
Destroy me in your quest to Love me
And be loved By me.

My love may not be what you wanted
Or expect of love.
It's not love you demand of me,
It's someone else.

One day, you will accept or shun me.
Either way it comes with venom.
Do you want love built on lies?
Passion built from restraining ties?

(written 2005)